Terms and Conditions 2014

Best in Home Business Awards 2014

These Terms and Conditions are binding for all transactions or interactions with The Best in Home Business Awards and The Baby View website, whether it is in person, verbally, or through any electronic form. By using The Baby View’s services, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions set out below:

Best in Home Business Awards Rules:

  • Nominations open at 10am on 24th March 2014 and close at 8pm 31st March 2014.

  • Voting opens at 10am 14th April 2014 and closes at 8pm 18th May 2014.

  • Winners will be announced after the 18th May 2014 via The Baby View website and via email.

  • Nominations and Voting is open to New Zealand residents only.

  • The top six  business nominations within each category will go through to the voting stage.

  • Only one vote per person per category will be accepted. Multiple votes (block voting) will be removed.

  • The Baby View reserves the right to reclassify a product or business that is entered in the wrong category.

  • You may use The Baby View Award logo and/or banners on your site to promote your site for the 2014 Best in Home Business Awards. The logo and banners must not be altered in any way without prior permission from The Baby View.

  • You can encourage your customers and followers to vote for your business or product  as long as you do not offer any form of reward and/or incentive for voting.

  • The winning business or product in each category will be decided by the highest number of votes within that category.

  • Voting results announced and published by The Baby View are final. No correspondence will be entered into.

  • We accept no responsibility for lost or misdirected votes.  Votes will not be placed on behalf of, nor will they be edited or removed once placed.

  • Once a business accepts their nomination to go through to the voting stage and the voting has begun, the business cannot be removed from the awards.

  • No business who has gone through to the voting will be offered or given paid advertising during the awards.

  • Any person or persons who are proven without a doubt to be a part of inflammatory behaviour against or involving The Baby View or Best in Home Business Awards will be referred directly to our lawyers for further action. The business or businesses will be removed from the awards and website without warning in this instance.

Privacy policy:

When you vote or participate with The Baby View awards, we may collect your name and email address for authentication purposes. Your details will not be given  to third-party companies and sponsors.

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