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So Your Teenager has Started Parkour

  Young people, especially teenagers, are fascinated by parkour. The mix of physical activity, muscular power, body control, and a culture of rebellion, freedom and self-expression have created a new street activity, akin to skate boarding. You may have seen it in blockbuster movie stunt chases and on YouTube. Pronounced “par-kour”, the name is a […] Read more…

Avoiding Purchasing a P House

  In June this year Police seized $448 million of meth in Northland, the largest seizure of its kind in New Zealand. It surpassed all of the previous years’ seizures combined and bought attention to the growing problem of meth use in New Zealand. Recently we found the problem hitting home for us when we […] Read more…


5 Lessons Learnt Being an Intern

    Volunteering is a great way to gain experience, especially if you’ve been out of the workforce for a while or are looking to get established in a new area. Here are five benefits to be gained from volunteering and five lessons I learnt from interning. I recently completed a Bachelor of Business Studies […] Read more…

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