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using time out effectively

Using time out effectively

Some parents have found ‘time out’ works to stop unacceptable behaviour like hitting, biting and kicking, but it should be used as a last resort. Here are some tips on how to do it safely and effectively. Any behaviour management strategies will work best when we understand the developmental stages our children are at. Time […] Read more…

how to toilet train a toddler

Toilet Training Tips

Toilet Training Tips Children learn how to use a potty or toilet in their own time. Toilet Training can be a complicated process, so try and be calm and patient and avoid power struggles. Look for signs When they’re getting ready to learn children might: stop playing and make noises or faces take themselves away and […] Read more…

Parents cuddling sleeping baby

Sleep and Attachment

Night waking in babies serves many healthy and protective functions. It allows frequent feeding and the intake of needed nutrition for growth; it creates the opportunity for emotional reconnection and stimulation of optimal brain development; and it is potentially protective against SIDS, allowing babies to avoid long periods of time in deep sleep that can […] Read more…

The Baby View

Six things children need

The SKIP approach is based around the Six Principles – six things children need to grow into happy, capable adults – as outlined by The Discipline and Guidance of Children research report. Love and warmth You can never spoil a child with too much love. Showing warmth and affection builds trust, positive self-esteem. and strengthens your […] Read more…

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