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Activities to Keep Preschoolers Busy

Activities to Keep Preschoolers Busy

Let’s be honest: there has been a moment when you have looked down at your gorgeous preschooler, and thought: all I want to do is make this phone call! But preschoolers are that wonderful and slightly tiring age when they are mobile and alert, but perhaps without the concentration span to stick to one activity. […] Read more…

de proofing your house

De Baby Proofing Your House

You’ve done it: you have managed to get past the sleepless nights (hopefully!), the nappies (probably), and nursery. Your child is now approaching that wonderful age of enquiring about the world around them, and being old enough for you to start to tell them. Yes, milk comes from cows, and yes, the world is round, […] Read more…

using time out effectively

Using time out effectively

Some parents have found ‘time out’ works to stop unacceptable behaviour like hitting, biting and kicking, but it should be used as a last resort. Here are some tips on how to do it safely and effectively. Any behaviour management strategies will work best when we understand the developmental stages our children are at. Time […] Read more…

how to toilet train a toddler

Toilet Training Tips

Toilet Training Tips Children learn how to use a potty or toilet in their own time. Toilet Training can be a complicated process, so try and be calm and patient and avoid power struggles. Look for signs When they’re getting ready to learn children might: stop playing and make noises or faces take themselves away and […] Read more…

raising toddlers

Toddlers 2-5 years

Two to three years Between two and three toddlers begin to see themselves as separate and independent individuals. They’re starting to understand ownership and will use words like “mine”. They’re more aware of, and interested in, other children but learning how to play takes lots of practice. Increased physical skills see them enjoying and sometimes insisting […] Read more…

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