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Doe - naturally coloured modelling clay

Doe – naturally coloured modelling clay

Doe is a fun sculpting clay for children and adults alike, naturally coloured and scented with coconut, cocoa and vanilla.  Doe can be reused over and over again for tactile play like playdough, or air dried or oven baked to a rock hard finish.  Doe can be left in its natural colours or painted and varnished. Read more…

Egg Maternity Dress

EcoKids Boutique

At EcoKids Boutique you will find plenty of gently worn clothes that don’t cost the earth.  You can even get EcoKids Boutique to sell your  gently worn clothes on your behalf – that is really cool! Their range is constantly changing and evolving so be sure to like them on facebook for updates, new stock […] Read more…

Space Boy

Space Boy!

Space Boy is a star gazer, he loves the night and camping out, he sits on his own and would look cute sitting on a bookcase or shelf.  Get your own Space Boy from Snuggleb Toys Read more…

teddy bears tango

Teddy Bears Tango

Everyone loves to Tango, even Teddy Bears! These joyful, playful songs and games provide a means of weaving the strands that nurture the needs of the developing child. The musical form, catchy melodies, use of repetition and strong rhythmic base of the songs provide consistency, helping children to feel safe, to be able to anticipate […] Read more…

Kids Room

Favourite Picks: Kids Room Take 2

I’m finding so many awesome ideas for kids room on pinterest (follow me here), I share some of daily finds on facebook (as seen here) but here are some more of my favourites.  Leave a comment below and let me know which one you like! Read more…

Mocka Wooden Trike

Mocka Cruise Trike

The Mocka Cruise – perfect for those wee ones who are too small for our balance bikes!  A sturdy wooden ride-on, with three wheels to give greater stability.  Ideal for a young child to get around on! Build great confidence for a smooth transition to our two wheeled balance bikes. Read more…

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