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Fourth Trimester

What Is the Fourth Trimester?

  So you may have heard the term ‘Fourth Trimester’, but what does it really mean? The Fourth Trimester is defined as the time period from birth to 3 months old. This is when your baby is in their most dependent stage!   The Fourth Trimester The term Fourth Trimester is of course an oxymoron […] Read more…

Hot Milk Bra

PRODUCT REVIEW: Hot Milk Nursing Bra

We were super lucky here at the Baby View team to be able to review one of Hot Milk’s amazing Nursing Bras, here is what our feeding Mama had to say about the product…   Hot Milk Nursing Bra Since the beginning of my maternity bra days (2 and a half years ago!) I have […] Read more…

Can Baby Hear

Can Baby Hear Inside the Womb?

  It’s hard to imagine that through all of those layers of skin, fluid and uterus walls that baby can hear the outside world. But from approximately 23 weeks, baby is able to hear to some degree. It may be muffled and distorted to begin with, but they will still be able to recognise your […] Read more…

Pregnant Heart Bump

24 Reasons to Love Pregnancy

What did you love most about your pregnancy (aside from giving birth to a beautiful baby)? I asked our community of mums what they loved most about their pregnancy.  Being pregnant is a special time at the same time it can be incredibly hard and tiring!  Read our 24 reasons to love pregnancy below. That […] Read more…

How a Father Can Support their Wife in Pregnancy

How a Father Can Support their Wife in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is often talked about from a women’s perspective, with a man’s voice often missing. This is probably true because while you’re the woman will have to do the hard work of growing a new person, being a man there’s relatively little work we have to do during pregnancy. However, if you’re a man reading […] Read more…

Swollen Feet and Legs During Pregnancy

Swollen Feet and Legs During Pregnancy

Experiencing Swollen Feet and Legs During Pregnancy? Your ankles and feet, along with your hands and fingers quite often swell slightly during pregnancy.This happens because your body retains more fluid than usual. This type of swelling tends to be worse during hot weather, or if you have been standing all day on your feet. It […] Read more…

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