Seven Healthy Lifestyle Hacks for Busy Mums

Let’s face it. Whether you have one child or five, life is busy! Priorities often shift and you don’t find that you have the same resources (both time and financial) as you once did when you were unattached and fancy free.

The great news is … you don’t have to win the lottery to be healthy and feel fantastic. It’s all about getting back to basics, cutting the BS (and excuses) and making simple decisions every day that will move you and your health forward.

Cool … so you’ve made the decision to make your health, wellbeing and energy a priority but now what? What the heck do you do? These days it can seem like you need a degree to wade through the mine field of information that seems to be available on the topic of how to be healthy and what food to eat!

I thought I’d share my top 7 healthy lifestyle hacks for busy Women, Mums who often feel frazzled and never seem to have enough time! Start implementing these tips and watch your health, happiness and energy sky rocket!

1. Focus on What’s Strong NOT What’s Wrong
The human brain doesn’t do well with ‘negatives.’ Think about your children for a moment. When you tell them NOT to do something – does that make them less likely to do that thing or make them want to do it more?

So when you’re telling yourself that you “Can’t Eat That” and “Not to Eat That” all your brain is hearing is “Eat, Eat, Eat!” Is it any wonder that we can feel crazy around food at times?

With everything that you do and everything that you want to move towards in your life focus on “What you CAN do rather than what you CAN’T do.”

Include more of the good stuff and see how your body feels when you start nourishing it.

2. Just Eat Real Food
If all you did is focus on eating food that is as real, as close to how it is found in nature, unprocessed and untouched by human intervention the vast majority of the time, you are light years ahead of most people.

3. Fat, from real food sources & in the context of a healthy diet does not make you fat.
It’s been engrained in many of us for an extremely long period of time that fat clogs up your arteries and makes you fat. And it simply isn’t true. The research clearly states that saturated fat, in and of itself does NOT cause heart disease.

Dr Mary Enig, author of Know Your Fats says “The human body does not benefit from the total absence of saturated fat. The heart, the kidneys and muscles preferentially use saturated fats; that’s their normal energy source. The lungs need it as does the immune system and more.”

So let’s stop making real food fats the villain and start enjoying them again.

Here’s a few benefits you can expect when you increase fats, from real food sources in your diet.
Better concentration and less brain fog
Less hormonal imbalances
Less cravings
They taste delicious
They make you feel full and satisfied
They are a fabulous source of energy
Fats are vital for many of your organ systems, including your nervous system
Fat make up the cell membranes of all the trillions of cells in your body
They help you absorb vitamins
And so many more!

In other words … FAT, from real food sources are essential if you want to feel healthy, alive and vibrant.

4. MOVE Your Booty
According to many sources, sitting is the new smoking.

Whilst I realise that 24 hours of your time has just been swept out from underneath you forever. You are still the most important person in your life.

YOU MATTER … more than you realise.

I know that you are a committed and dedicated Mum, wife, business owner / employee, the list goes on! But your ability to BE and DO all of these things and GIVE to so many people relies on your ability to take care of and nourish yourself first and foremost.

There’s a reason why they tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first when you are flying!

Each week, in your diary, schedule time for YOU – ideally every day, but just start off with a couple of times each week if this is new to you. Maybe it’s just 10 minutes to read a trashy novel and drink a herbal tea whilst curled up on your favourite couch or 15 minutes for a bubble bath with some gorgeous essential oils or even a short walk by yourself.

Co-ordinate your schedule with your husband or partner if you need to or simply schedule ‘your time’ when the baby or kids are asleep.

These are now your most important appointments. You’d think twice before cancelling a meeting or a commitment with a colleague, so schedule the appointments with yourself accordingly and then set everything else around that.

Whatever you do, you MUST keep your dates with yourself.

5. You have enough time for everything that is important
I know this may sounds a little bit harsh, but I mean it in a loving way.

If you don’t know what your values are and you don’t prioritise where your time gets spent, then before you know it the day will be over, your time will have vanished and you’ll feel like you have nothing to show for it.

A value is something that you have and want to keep OR that you would like to attain.

If you don’t already have one, get a pretty journal and write down what is most important to you… your health, your family, your financial abundance, a feeling of productive achievement – whatever is most important to you.

Now, to allocate time for that which you say is important. For example, if you say that health is a high value, yet you are doing nothing to enhance or support your health, then it is very unlikely to improve.

6. Introduce a ‘Prep Day’
I’m a big fan of having a weekly prep ritual. Set aside a few hours one afternoon each week to get things organised for the week.

Set your menu for the week – I tend to just set dinner and have a few flexible breakfast / lunch / snack ideas, do your shopping and make a few things in advance.

Chop some veggies ahead of times for meal, create a snack shelf for the kids, and make a few easy lunches, a casserole, a soup or pot of mince. This is a great thing to get the kids involved with (if they are old enough of course).

Yes, it may take a couple of hours at the time, but I guarantee that it will save you a heap of time and stress in the long run!

7. Chill the F Out!
If you’ve ever found yourself lying wide awake as you struggle to fall asleep, you’ll understand how counter productive worry about it is to you achieving your goal of actually falling asleep.

The same is true if you are trying to release weight or get healthier or any goal, even if it’s just getting out the door in the morning! The more you worry and stress about it, the more you make your decisions out of desperation and in an attempt to get a quick fix, the more likely you are to screw your body up and make things harder in the long run.

PLUS the more you are stressing over your weight, the fit of your clothes and the number on the scales the LESS you are enjoying life. The less you are able to relax, let go and actually LIVE your life.

So, RELAX, chill the F out and shift your focus away from your damned weight already!

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